Education vacation

Education vacation

We offer fun and easy ways to learn Croatian language and mores.

You have unique opportunity to experience interactive classes with our young teachers who have created fresh blend of culture and language learning for foreigners. First you start with 4 hours introduction course where you will learn how to introduce yourself, navigate the map, exchange money and basic everyday phrases. This is the practical part of the course so you will spend first few hours in our classroom that is located in the hearth of the city with the stunning views of Split. After we have heated our seats, comes the fun part. Our knowledge will be put to good use. We are going to set you in certain situations so you can interact with your freshly acquired knowledge and put It to good use. This Is one or two days course, depending on your schedule, after which you can choose next topics you wish to learn more about. We offer lessons about history & art, food & drinks and lifestyle (beaches, nightlife and other fun activities). Each of them is one day long and they are all held on site so you can truly feel native community and really test your new language skillset. This open concept learning experience is designed to be flexible and uses modern approach to language teaching. Our goal is to spread Mediterranean vibes through all aspects of your vacation so you can understand the core of this place and always carry with you the feeling of ”fjaka” and other meanings worth to remember.

 1 school hour per person - 100 HRK

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